Lörrach in the tripoint area where three countries meet

The town of Lörrach is located in the southern part of Baden-Württemberg, very close to the point where the three countries of Germany, France and Switzerland meet. Thanks to its climatically favoured location, this part of Baden-Württemberg is also known as the German Tuscany.
Its central location and its proximity to neighbouring Alsace and to the Swiss city of Basel provide numerous opportunities for tourists and for all those interested in exploring nature, arts or culture.
It is worthwhile taking some time to visit Lörrach and its surrounding area in order to discover the many sights and the region’s culinary highlights.

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Tourist attractions in the area



Where the Rhine, one of Europe’s most important waterways, bends north and flows out of Switzerland towards the North Sea lies the charming city of Basel. This exceptional location at the heart of the three-country-triangle that joins Germany, France and Switzerland is what lends Basel its openness, economic strength and cultural diversity.
Quelle: Präsidialdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt
© Foto: Basel Tourismus



As a border region to the west of the River Rhine, Alsace lies in the north-east of France and captivates due to the outstanding variety of its idyllic countryside and the climatically favoured location of its winegrowing area. There is plenty to do in this inviting region, and with its great variety of museums, Alsace also has a lot to offer in terms of culture.
© Foto: Pierre Likissas

Vitra Design Museum


The Vitra Design Museum is one of the leading museums of design worldwide. It explores and communicates the history and present status of design, putting these into context with architecture, arts and daily life. (Source: Vitra)
© Foto: Vitra Design Museum, Foto: Thomas Dix

Fondation Beyeler


This dignified building by the Italian star architect Renzo Piano has housed the private collection of Ernst and Hildy Beyeler since 1997
Quelle: Basel Tourismus
© Foto: Mark Niedermann

Black Forest


With an 11,000 square kilometre surface area, the Black Forest is not only Germany’s highest but also its largest continuous low mountain range and is located in the south-western part of Baden-Württemberg. It is the most important tourist region of the federal state and, with its innumerable attractions, it is the most visited holiday destination among the German low mountain ranges.
© Foto: TI Seebach/Elmar Langenbacher

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